Boat Fender Cleats

Easy Boat Fender Adjustment for Pontoon Boats

The Fender Clip uses a No-Knot QUICK CLEAT mounted on a brushed stainless steel bracket for easy adjustment of fender height.  

Rotate the QUICK CLEAT, insert the fender rope, and done!  Pull the rope upward to adjust the fender upwards.  To adjust the fender downward, or to release the rope, simply rotate the cam to remove the rope.


Low-profile Boat Fender Cleat for Sailboats

The No-Knot 300 Series QUICK CLEAT mounted on gunnels or along the deck provide a easy way to manage your fenders.   A great help when frequent adjustments of fender height is needed or for quick deployment when docking.


 sailboat-gunnel-quick-cleat-2-low-res.jpg  sailboat-low-profile-fender-cleat-lo-res.jpg


For your Fishing Boat or Runabout

The 300 Series QUICK CLEATs are ideal for mounting on your boat where you need a fender attachment.  Position the cleats vertically inside the hull if the gunnel is not wide enough.

                   bayliner-fender-cleat1.jpg fender-attach1.gif amazon-feedback-325-boat-fender2-crop.jpg

The Peel-n-Stick QUICK CLEAT is great for boat fenders, position along the interior gunnel wall for boats with no tie-off rails.  No holes to drill!

Available in multiple shapes and colors.


Pro Fisherman Mark Romanak from Michigan's Fishing411 television show discusses the QUICK CLEAT for adjusting fenders on his boat.




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