Kayak and Canoe Cleats


The QUICK CLEAT Model 217 is ideal kayak accessory for securing anchor lines, bait buckets, stringers, or other loads.  Use with your anchor trolley system for a no-knot tie-off.  The rope will stay locked in the QUICK CLEAT even when pulling in slack line, a great advantage versus other cleats.

model-217-3-16-and-1-4-rope.jpg   217-mounted-on-bow-rail-of-fishing-kayak.jpg

217-mounted-fishing-kayak-bow-rail.jpg   217-mounted-fishing-kayak-rail.jpg


The QUICK CLEAT Model 325 and Model 320 have been used for anchoring systems on custom canoes for bow and stern anchoring systems.

For kayaks, the Model 325 and Model 320 work great for securing anchor lines for trolley anchor systems.  


Pictured here is the Model 320 used in a custom canoe by River Ridge Custom Canoe320-river-ridge.jpg

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