QUICK CLEAT is the fast, easy way to secure anchor lines, boat fenders, mooring lines and more!

The QUICK CLEAT unique design and rugged construction allows anyone to quickly secure a braided line in seconds -- without knots!

Just drop a good quality braided line in the rope slot and release.  It's that easy!


  • Quick Locking Action
  • Low Profile
  • Quick Release
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Install


Boat Cleats

  Black powder-coat finish, for 1/4

Mount directly on your boat for anchoring, drift socks, boat fenders, or just for tie-up to a dock.



Dock Cleats


Mount two on your dock, one for bow and one for stern. Great for resort gas docks!



Gunnel Tracks

Adapter with black Model 320 cleat.
Track not included.

Mounting kits available for top-side mounted 3.5" wide track systems.


 Quick Cleat™, Model 217 mounted on boat track rail
Easy Fender Adjustment
Four (4) cleats per package.  

Our nylon cleat is great for hanging a fender where you need it by using your built-in gunnel tracks.



Peel & Stick

runabout-peel-n-stick-fender-cleat2.jpg  mounting-pad-chrome.jpg

Adhere to any smooth surface to strategic hang a fender.



Fender Clips

 fender-clip-3inch-sq1.jpg Heavy-duty Fender Clip by Quick Cleat.  
All metal construction for larger pontoon boats. 
No-knot solution for easy fender adjustment for pontoon boats.
Fits 1.25

Mount behind tight fitting furniture, easy to use and to adjust.


 Fender Clip by Quick Cleat.  
No-knot solution for easy fender adjustment.
Fits round rails.  Use with 1/4

Clamp to round rails to position a fender in the right location.



Kayak & Canoe


Mount on your built-in rails, or directly to the hull.  Great for anchor systems and bait buckets.



SUP & Rafts


 Adhere to paddle boards (SUPs), canoes and inflatable rafts for easy tie-up to anchors.



Accessory Items

Various nuts, bolts, screws, mounting tabs, and base plates.