Boat Cleats

Bow Anchoring

The QUICK CLEAT is ideal for securing your rope without using knots and without worrying about your "zig-zag" cleat coming loose.

You'll appreciate the how easy the QUICK CLEAT is to use, especially when the wind kicks-up and the waves get bigger.  No more leaning overboard to unhook the anchor line from the bow-eye!




Drift Socks

Once your anchor or drift sock is positioned, simply rotate the cam, drop in the line, done! 

For adjustments, just pull on the rope, the line will stay secure and locked in-place.  To release, just rotate the cam.





Mooring the boat and casting-off is easy, no knots required.  Great when the weather is cold and your buddy has no clue how to tie a decent knot!






Boat Fenders

For larger boats, these cleats work great when mounted to use for boat bumpers.  The adjustment is easy and quick and the bumper will remain secure.

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