Review by John Gillespie and Pete Maina  



 Review by Don Sweet with Catfishing America TV Show



 Review by Mark Romanack with Fishing 411




Review by Pete Maina, NextBite TV Show



 Review by Chad Ferguson, CatFishEdge



Butch Furtman – Hall of Fame Angler | Professional Fishing Guide

Butch Furtman, 2014 National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame member   


"I put them on my new Alumacraft!! They are working very well - I'm using them in the front of the boat for my anchoring system and they are great!!






Comments from Pete Maina, Professional Angler and Muskie Expert,  from The NextBite tv Show


The team at The NextBite have been evaluating the QUICK CLEAT this season. Here's a recent comment from Pete Maina, Professional Angler and Muskie Expert, after a windy day on Lake of the Woods:

"I’d used the cleats quite a bit and really like them, but no real test until this past week. Just returned from Operation Muskie (veteran’s event I attend every year on Lake of the Woods).

We had quite a bit of wind and one day/night in particular real heavy (sustained 30 mph and higher gusts); boat docked using cleats (wind/waves coming right in) – angle blowing away; held like a dream and seem quite bullet proof."






Comments from the 2014 Tinley Park Fishing Show


 "Bought my old Lund used with a Quick Cleat already mounted on the front and back, I love it!"

"Great idea!  Why didn't someone think of this sooner!"

"I've had four on my boat for years for tie-up to the dock, I'm buying one today for the bow"

"Got one on my pontoon, works great!"

"I have four on my boat now.  Great idea!  I leave two ropes tied to my dock, when I pull-up I just put the ropes in the Quick Cleat."

"This should be on 'Shark Tank'." (I heard this one at least six times! Thanks everyone!)







Chad Ferguson, Founder of Catfish Edge, Professional Catfish Guide

"I used the Quick Cleat for mooring the boat at the marina and it worked well. It was much faster than fighting with the traditional cleats and trying to tie knots. There was no doubt basic mooring in marinas and to boat docks was a great application."

"When I tested the Quick Cleat for anchoring it worked well and I was immediately impressed with how easy it was to set and release the rope as well as make simple adjustments to the length of the anchor line.  The easy of use was night and day different from any other option I had used in the past."



Bill Plantan, President, Owner of River Ridge Canoes

"We've installed the Quick Cleat in every canoe we've made since 2006.  Our customers love it!  The Quick Cleat allows you to raise and lower a bow anchor without having to move.  It is strong, and for those who like to anchor and fish, it is a must!

[in the photo is the Model 325 Quick Cleat]




Ron Peterson, Founder of Peterson’s Outdoor Journal, Producer of Angler’s Diary and Walley’s In-Depth television shows

 “I find the Quick Cleat to be the easiest-to-use cleat on the market.  When filming a show, we may have several boats to keep track of, and the Quick Cleat lets us tie them all up quickly and professionally.  They allow for precision anchoring and greater success on the water.”


Kevin Long, Smallmouth guide on Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie, Named top bass angler in Michigan BASS Federation

 “Quick Cleats allow me to moor my boats quickly and easily.  The flat profile won’t catch nets or your line.  A truly revolutionary cleat!  No boat should be without them”


John Bergsma, Host of Walley’s In-Depth television show, Trolling Expert

 “The Quick Cleat allows me to precisely control the length of rope on my drift socks and anchors.  The low profile design doesn’t catch my nets or rods, keeping the decks of my boat clear of obstructions.  In rough water, the simpler I can make things, the easier it is to concentrate on catching fish.  The Quick Cleat rope holders make my job easier”


Virgil Agee, Four-time IGFA world record holder - catfish, Caught several catfish over 100 pounds

 “Quick Cleat anchoring and mooring devices are a lifesaver.  There are no knots to untie, just release the cleat and your rope is free.  When Anchoring in big, swift water – and much of my catfishing is – this is feature vital.  Quick Cleats allow me to anchor where I want to, whether it’s for blues on the Missouri or channels in a reservoir.  I wouldn’t think of using oars to move a bass boat, you shouldn’t think of using anything but a Quick Cleat to anchor your boat.”


Doug Johnson, Musky guide for over 30 years on Lake of the Woods, In-Fisherman contributing author/muskie expert

 “I had them on my old boat, I put them on my new boat.  They work great!”