Pontoon Boat Cleats

For hanging bumpers or fenders on square rails, use our FenderClip, constructed from a stainless steel bracket and the Model 217 Quick Cleat.

Position the FenderClip where you need it, especially on rails that are blocked by furniture.  

Adjustments are easy with the no-knot QUICK CLEAT. FenderClips are available for 1.25" square rails, 1" rails are available by request.  

Use with 1/4" to 3/16" diameter ropes.




For the front platform of your pontoon boat, use the Model 420 or 425 QUICK CLEAT for anchoring and mooring.  Mount one in the front, or one on each side. 

Or, use the QUICK CLEAT for tie-up at your dock as pictured below:

pontoon-dock1.jpg  pontoon-dock3.jpg

The LOW PROFILE ensures no stubbed toes!  The QUICK CLEAT requires no knots, so docking and casting-off from the restaurant, bar, or gas dock is quick and easy.



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