Fender Clip for Pontoon Boating, our latest bright idea new product

Posted by Quick Cleat LLC on 24th Jun 2015

Checkout our latest bright idea, Fender Clip by Quick Cleat.  

This handy clip attaches to the square rails of pontoon boats.  Most new pontoon boats have furniture positioned against most of the exterior rails, making it nearly impossible to tie-off a bumper (or fender).  

Our Fender Clip solves the problem!  Mount the Fender Clip anywhere on a 1 1/4" square rail.  And, with the no-knot QUICK CLEAT fender adjustments are easy and quick.

The Fender Clips are constructed with a brushed-finish stainless steel bracket.  No drilling needed, these clips attach as-is or with super strong VHB adhesive tape from 3M for a "semi-permanent" installation.  Fender Clips are sold 2 per pack.

FenderClip by Quick Cleat